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Default HeadAmp Pico Upsampling USB DAC Only

Although this isn't what I reviewed above, I thought I'd mention that I just read that HeadAmp has introduced a new Pico Upsampling USB DAC that is the same size as the Pico portable amp. This unit is only a USB DAC, with pure line outputs in RCA and mini, no battery to charge. You can check the pictures out on HeadAmp (link below).

The Pico Upsampling USB DAC supports 16/44.1 and 16/48 bit/sample rates, and uses hardware upsampling to 24/96. It is not necessary to install any drivers or software and it is compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The DAC is a Wolfson WM8740 with a proper FET op-amp output stage. Each digital chip has its own voltage regulation, which removes any noise from the USB line. A 4-layer circuit board allows for a good layout with full ground planes on both the top and bottom of the board. The line outputs are RCA and mini and can be used simultaneously.

The dimensions are the same as the Pico Amp and Pico DAC/Amp - 2.74x0.86x2" (69.6x21.8x50.8mm)

The price is $349, but I'd like to offer an intro price on Head-Fi of $299. This will be good for the first 100 units OR the first 30 days (April 7), whichever comes first. The expected shipping date is in 30 days (April 7).
As of this post, looks like at least 40 have been ordered, so if you’re looking to save 50 bucks, you might want to check it out quick.

For more info check HeadAmp or the thread on HeadFi here.

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