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Angry (Another) D2 Playlist thread - nothing works!

I'm a new D2 owner - love the player, but can't stand the lack of playlist support. I wouldn't mind if there was a long-winded way of getting playlists to work, but so far everything I've tried has not worked.

I did all my reading, and tried methods based on a number of threads in this forum and others (this one in particular) - all to no avail!

Okay, so some information. My 16gb D2 has 2.57 firmware on it, and no SD card yet. My PC is running windows XP with service pack 3, with Windows Media Player 11 on it.

The first thing I tried was to connect the D2 in MTP mode, navigate to the device in windows explorer, and right click over the music folder. Unlike others, I do not see a "Create Playlist" option.

Next I installed media monkey (latest version - 3.4 I think) and tried synching playlists i created there - but they came across to the player in .m3u format. Try as I might, I could not get it to create .pla files. I installed with files from windows media player 10 (the Windows Media Forman redistribution - these files), and re-instaleld media monkey, but still no .pla files.

I then tried installing some .pla export scripts into media monkey: this succeeeded in giving me an option to "export all playlists to .pla". I now had .pla files on my pc, but they would not show up in media monkey in order to be synched across to my device.

Next I tried the latest Winamp (5.4?) and again it would only create .m3u playlists.

Finally I tried synching using WMP 11 (notice how I left this one till last? ). Same deal: I cannot get .pla files to be created.

Basically, I'm at my wit's end here, because I love the player but really cannot live without a couple of playlists on the player. It's frustrating that I've tried things that seem to have worked for others (such as installing WMP11), and it just has not worked for me.

So - any ideas?!?! Anything???

I'm on the verge of trying to installRockBox on the D2, purely for the .m3u support. I'm a bit reluctant to try this, as the rockbox for the d2 is in an incomplete and buggy state as far as I can tell, and it is not explicity stated anywhere that .m3u support works on the D2. Can anyone who has tried this confirm?

Thanks all!

Oh, and hi!
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