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Old 02-20-2012, 10:28 PM
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Default Velodyne vPulse first impressions **Spoiler alert for TDS**

I just got them today but wanted to put up some impressions. This will basically be following my impressions as I experienced them so the organization is more chronological than topical.

A brief scare when I opened the box...the model pictured was blue. I ordered black. I was quickly relieved when Is aw a little sticker at the bottom that said black. Packaging was decent, which I expected at the MSRP of $90. Easy to get into which was nice. A sleeve over an inner box and some formed plastic holding everything in place. I like the case. A little bigger than most and is has a neopreneish feel to it that I like. I will actually use this one as opposed to tossing it in a drawer like i do for most provided cases. I usually use mint tins instead. The cable is more flexible than I thought it would be. The body isnt as shiny as it is in the pics but the gear looking logo on the end is a bit more flashy. Feels solid enough though. Kind of big but I was half expecting them to be bigger. I dont love the remote in line. Its kind of big and feels a bit hollow. The volume doesnt work for my samsung captivate but the play/pause does. I like the plug. The L is fairly low profile and sturdy enough. I thought I had already broken the Y junction but it has a slider and it was all the way down. The tips arent bad...or at least the set that was on them in the box. a little thicker than the sony hybrids but pliable. I felt like I got a good seal so I havent checked out the others yet. There are a bunch. In addition to the medium sized blackones on the IEMs there are two full sets of 4 sizes, one in black and one in a light grey. Other than color they appear the same in the bag. More on that later in a few days. So...there is my first impression. So far so good.

oh...did you guys want a few words about the sound

I didnt change the EQ from my bass heavy curve for the E10, I just plugged them in. They have bass for days, and plenty of low rumble. It will take me a few days to give a good impression of the overall sound...probably a week really. The bass is very present and grin inducing so I may have to get my jollies on with them for a few before I tweak the EQ and see how they behave. I will say they have the sub-bass rumble of the philips she3580 and the build quality I was hoping for. Now lets see how they fair with the rest of the sound spectrum. I am fine with them for the approximately $45 I payed. Some time will tell if they are $90 IEMs or not. Eventually I may pick up a set of the JVC xplosive series to see how they compare at less than half the price.

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