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Default Sony MDR-EX210

I bought this recently and have been comparing it to some of my favorite IEMs, especially the JVC HA-FX40 and and Panasonic RP-HJE450. On paper the EX210 looks so nice. 13.5 mm drivers side mounted, 105 db/mw. The HJE450 has 12.5 mm drivers and is 102 db/mw. The EX210 has more bass than the other two, however I would describe the sound overall as thick and slow to respond to the music. In contrast, the other two seem much more responsive, and much faster to respond to the music. With the EX210 it is hard to tell if the detail isn't there, or if it is masked by the bass. On the EX210 female vocals sound too warm. While the EX210 sounds pleasant to listen to, when comparing it to the Panasonic HJE450(I switched back and forth between the two many times), I felt like I was missing plenty of detail with the EX210. Would I buy the EX210 again? I don't know. At $16 on Amazon the EX210 does seem like a good deal, although even at 50% more the Panasonic HJE450 seems like a better deal. I guess at $18 on Amazon the JVC HA-FX40 seems like the best deal of the three. It has great detail and strong bass. The HA-FX40 does seem like it has slightly lower build quality than the Panasonic HJE450, and Sony EX210. Why couldn't JVC charge $5 more and have strain reliefs on the earbuds, a right angle plug, and a more ergonomic shape(like the HJE450 has, which increases comfort and fit?

PS. I'm starting to like the EX210 more as time goes by. I keep giving it more burn in. At first I didn't think it needed that much burn in, however after more extensive burn in it seems to be providing more detail, and the thickness in the sound seems to be decreasing.

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