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Old 03-19-2007, 09:00 PM
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Default Replacing the Batery or external packs powered by AA's or AAA's

1st post on the forum here. Just purchased a 512 T8 for cheap on eBay. It
was recommended by one of my associates who uses it for back up recording
using the line input option. Anyhow I'm still learning the player and I'm
favorably impressed with it except for the lack of battery replacement. So far this seems the be the week link with the player. My prior MP3 players
which I still have [the vintage Diamond RIO 300 & a Nomad II] are powered by
a single AA battery.

1. Has anybody successfully been able to replace the original battery
within reason?

2. Has anybody been able to find a battery pack cage that takes 3 AA or
even AAA batteries to save the drain on the Lithium ion battery? A pre made
cage with an recessed output like the wall charger has would be great

3. Not to start a riot here, but is there any other MP3 player on the market
that uses a AA or AAA cell that will allow line in records, comparable to
the T8 and uses USB 2.0 file transfer to your PC?

Regardless I really like the Samsung YP-T8.


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Old 03-24-2007, 06:10 AM
IGN0S IGN0S is offline
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you will find extremely good devices or and get them for a reasonable price at Ebay, specially "old" models. t10 t20 or t30 are nice and cheap, btw my ypt8 battery runs about 20 hours, so check if yours is in bad condition...
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Old 04-09-2007, 10:01 PM
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I did find a 4 AA external battery cage for the YP-T8 on eBay. Just search for "Battery Extender / Charger for Samsung YP-T8 MP3 Player" and you will find it. I'm not endorsing this product but it does exist. For my purposes I feel it's far to bulky and cumbersome beside putting more stress on the USB port. Since I've purchased more of the YP-T8's off eBay for relatively cheap prices all the players I've purchased should last me for some time. Not a bad deal since the average price paid is roughly $23 with shipping. One was a dud but the merchant refunded my $

As of yet I haven't found a way to replace the OEM battery. And it's really not cost effective since I purchased my players for cheap.

As for MP3 players that use AA's or AAA's go to,1874,2359,00.asp and click on the link. And you will see the links on the left hand side. I'd be pleasantly surprised if any other player handles long files such as audio books as well as the YP-T8.

The YP-T8 handles long files extremely well since it has a resume feature and well as a user adjustable search speed of 10 or 30 seconds as well as 1, 5 & 10 minute options. I set mine to 30 seconds. Super handy when I have an ADD moment.
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