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Old 04-05-2007, 05:27 PM
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the rca plugs are just shoved in there.. but they do have a lip.. and the female jack came with a nut thing.. that goes on the outside of itslef... and just tighten that and glue the back and thats that... i went to radioshack no more then 20 mins ago and i got 2 more male jacks to redo one of my wires.. the short one.. the one going to whatever.. was like 6 inches long.. and the one going to my comp was about 3 inches too short of my liking.. so i pulled the short one out.. and replaced it with the longer one and now that i have the male ends ill make a new one about 6 feet long.. plenty long enough.. i also got "insulated-crimp quick disconnects" 8 males and 8 just going to use the males for all the wires.. cause the switch i have is 6 pole.. and all the grounds just twist together.. better connections make me happy! so does my new hot glue gun.
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