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Hairback357 and his nonsense have been removed from the forums for your convenience.

I'm not going into the details about the stuff he said, I got better things to do. That he's a troll is pretty obvious, recommending iPods to about anybody that is interested in Cowon players. (See other threads he posted in...)

And that thing he calls "podcast", these incoherent ramblings of Tourette-syndrome victims high on cough syrup, had as much content about the D2 as you could fit in three sentences...

Yes, the D2's touchscreen is annoying to operate, yes, final firmware isn't out, yes, Cowon is a small company and acts slowly - but that's no reason to spread lies about Cowon all over AnythingButiPod and iAudiophile. I bet he's getting banned on iAudiophile, too - just a matter of time.

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