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Default 2 quick questions before making my purchase

I'm thinking about getting a D2 but I just have 2 quick questions.

1. How durable is the product? Is the touch screen easily damaged (especially if put in your pocket). Also, when the rechargeable battery dies out (which eventually it will) how will it be replaced?

2. I've heard some complaints about the firmware of this player. Are they true, and if they are how severe of a problem is it?

Thanks in advance.
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Dunno about the battery, firmware has no problems if you're not talking about the BETA ones :P
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Not really sure about the durability. Seems sturdy enough. As for the firmware so far it sucks big time. It was rushed and it shows. The player is usable but no where near user friendly as of yet. Promised features are missing and features that are present are buggy. I have hopes for better firmware but promises are not Cowons strong point. Click the link in my signature for more info on the D2.
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The actual features listed on cowons site the d2 meets and with no problems.
The thing they failed to mention was the battery life was halved using sd cards, but its still around 25 hours music this way.
The bonus features are being worked on like sdhc compatability to which the beta firmware has lots of bugs which the above are refering to.
There is no problems with the offical firmware version 2.20 or 2.21.
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That is not completely true. There are problems with the current firmware. Bookmarks that delete themselves, when the screen comes back on after a long time of playing music the screen is distorted and some OGG playback problems.
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