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Old 07-26-2006, 12:09 PM
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Default Figured as much...


Ya, I figured I'd be in for it - but I genuinely want to open up this debate.

Originally Posted by DLF
Obviously, "crippled" is an exaggeration. But there's no doubt that PlaysForSure adds a level of complexity (ironic, given its intentions and those of MTP vs. MSC) that a lot of users, esp. ye ol' "power users," resent.
I don't understand this. What requirement of PlaysForSure is of a technology that device makers wouldn't implement anyway? What PlaysForSure does is ensure uniformity of implementation (so devices and services work better together) while allowing vendor differentiation. Where is the complexity?

Let's not confuse PlaysForSure with the inherent complexities involved in supporting subscription content. I absolutely believe that without PFS, you'd have some devices working better with some services than others - and no uniformity of experience. Now, is the experience today perfect? Heck no. But, with the new slew of PlaysForSure v2.0 devices that we'll see around holidays - the subscription experience across the range of devices on the market will be substantially better. Would that be the case without PlaysForSure? I absolutely think not.

And then there's the time old argument of power users vs. average consumers. I agree that power users have completely different needs from average users - but what about PlaysForSure inhibits the power user experience (remembering that a vendor decision to not support MSC is not due to PlaysForSure requirements)?

Originally Posted by DLF
For example, I attached my clix today for the first time in more than 30 days to sync some new music I had just ripped in WMP 11 beta. I'd been listening up until today to a number of tracks that I downloaded from URGE during my free trial subscription (expired 6/17), and some others I had bought a la carte. As our resident PFS expert, can you guess what the seemingly neverending series of errors/freeze-ups and general SNAFUs were, and in what order they occurred?
Hmm, I think I'm doomed to failure no matter what my guess. But - I'm sure that your subscription content you downloaded from Urge expired. That's expected behaviour. The a la carte downloads should still play and your ripped content should have transferred.

So - do tell, what happened?

Cheers, Dave.
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