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Default Headphones for NW-A3000?

I recently got a Sony NW-A3000 20GB walkman and absolutely love it, top sound quality, long battery.

However, my current headphones have a problem where the left earbud buzzes at high volumes.

I was wondering what would be good in-ear headphone to get, that also have good bass and are reasonably solid?

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Default Budget?

One important thing to know for a headphone recommendation is what your budget is. You can get headphones from $5 to $2000. I personally am not a fan of in-ear monitors, but I see a lot of recommendations for the Sennheiser CX-300's. They're about 60 bucks on Amazon, and I think can be had for $50 or so if you look around. With a bigger budget, Shure, Ultimate Ears series, and Etymotic are popular.

For all the information you could ever hope to learn about headphones, check out Head-Fi's headphone forum.
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Thanks, my budget is about 30 (~$60 I think). I was looking at the Sennheiser CX-300's and they seem to have a lot going for them. I'll try and buy them in the shops before online so I can maybe try them out though .

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