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Default Feature requests

I've been using the Clix for a couple of weeks. The most difficult (but only slightly frustrating) part was choking down the Windows Media Player. I have experienced no problems dragging and dropping files into Clix folders but to get playlists, WPM is required it seems. I create playlists with MusicIP Mixer and it takes some dancing to get them onto the Clix, but once I figured that out, I've be been very happy with the hardware side of things.

Here are my suggestions for the interface which I am assuming can be addressed with firmware:

One reason I bought this player was its large screen which accomodates my less-than-perfect eyesight. The most used screen (for me anyway) is the Now Playing view. Unfortunately, the screen space is not used very efficiently. It seems to be a bit more decorative than functional. When on this screen, I am most interested in the track title, the artist, and the play time, (in that order). I don't need the time of day, the battery status, the album art, the album title, the next track, or the x out of x information on that screen. I want to have it, just not there.

So my main suggestion for the Now Playing screen is for the text (especially the track title) to be much larger, and for the album art and the scrolling of the title to be optional. Actually, the best option would be for this screen to be user-configurable from the PC.

I exercise with the Clix in my pocket. The most used function in that situation is Skip to Next Track. In order to use Skip the player has to remain unlocked and that leads to all sorts of merry mix-ups. I propose two solutions to this:

1. A mode in which any click is a Skip - I know this is probably a selfish request.
2. As the volume controls work when locked, perhaps the Smart Key could function also and Skip could be added to the Smart Key options, so tracks could be changed while the player is locked.

Even without these changes, the Clix is a great product. Every device (indeed everything in life) has quirks and this has fewer than most. Thanks to everyone involved in its development.


P.S. Do these suggestions make it to the firmware writers?
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