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Smile Don't get me wrong, I want a Creative...

Hi folks,

I've had my Zen Creative Nomad Jukebox Xtra 60GB for a while now and I've loved every moment we've shared...unfortunately, it's developed a condition that I'm convinced is malignant. The volume down button doesn't work, which is a concern for my fragile ears as it's now permanently on full volume. I've bravely removed the 'warranty void' stickers, taken it apart and a switch on the circuitboard has fallen off - something I have no hope of being able to solder on.

So, it's now time to get a new MP3 player. I also have a MuVo 256MB that I use for the gym and when running, but obviously it's annoying having to keep changing the playlist with my computer. So, I'm torn between the hard drive based Zen Vision M and the flash based 8GB version of the Zen V Plus...obviously with the Vision M I could keep all of my music on the mp3 player, but with the V Plus not only is there docking speakers at a much lower price, but I'd be able to run with a much larger variety of music.

What I'm asking for here is actually a couple of things. Firstly, does anyone think that either is superior for its purpose than the other? I'm aware it's hard to compare them as one is hard drive, the other is flash, and this is precisely my problem. Secondly, I'm a little worried that both the mp3 players are by now quite old, and that Creative probably has better things to come, so would I be better off waiting a couple of months? I don't know if they have a six month cycle or something where a new product appears, and I'm sure you'd all have much more idea than me on that front. Finally, perhaps I've made a huge mistake in my choices, maybe there are better creative players or even...well, I'll say it...even a better non-creative, you're right, that was stupid...

Thanks a lot for all of your help!


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If you really desire a player to run with, one that needs to survive the jarring and tumbles and general roughness, then a flash based player is the way to go. If you want to be able to carry your entire library with you and you're generally in low impact situations (commuting, work, school...etc), then a HD based player is what you want. It all depends on which one is more important to you. I have about 7 or 8 gigs of music. I was looking for a player and I decided I wanted one to survive the long haul and that I could go weight lifting and running without worry. So I got a 4 gig SanDisk Sansa and yes, I can't have ALL of my music...but I can have all of my favorites. You just gotta find out which is more important to you....
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Thanks for your reply - this is the dilemma facing me! Either I go for a flash based mp3 player in which case I lose out on the advantage of a larger hard drive based one or I go for the hard drive based one and lose out on the advantages of a flash based one...

That being said, I now think I'm heading towards the Zen V Plus 8GB model...does anyone have this? I'm interested in whether the screen is big enough to watch video on, particularly over long train journeys. I'm also interested in whether the docking speakers that are being sold are worth the purchase, particularly as I've heard that the Zen V Plus doesn't come with a plug-in charger? I find it hard to believe that the only way to charge it is via USB but if Creative have decreed it to be so...

Also, does anyone have anything to say about the Zen Vision M? Does it revolutionise DAPs so much that to choose the V Plus over it would be an offence to humanity?

Thanks once again,

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do you watch a lot of videos? if only a few then get a 8GB ZVP
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