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Originally Posted by Lupo View Post
Can you tell me more about this? I have been reading about this for a few weeks and only you have talked about this working. Every one is telling me that you need a PocketDish. I have a Zen W and I liked it allot. I have right now a Moxie DVR, my Cable Company uses it. I am looking to leave the Moxie and if I can my cable company. TiVo I know lets you move the files on to your PC in a MPEG format. Yet every were I read you canít do this with the Dish network stuff. Full info would be great, seeing I am looking to spend my Tex return on this and will have that return in about a week.

Thank you
I also have Dish DVR (both HD and standard). As far as I have been able to discern, as of right now, if you want a program from your DVR on your M or W, you have essentially two choices: Buy DISH's portable DVR (rebranded Archos) and copy the program from it onto your PC and then to your M/W, or buy a nice little inexpensive DVD-RW recorder, and then rip the DVD onto your PC with any of the quality software titles out there (such as CloneDVD). Either way, it's going to cost a few bucks.

I have the DVD-RW recorder, and have used it a few times for this, and it works just fine, although it is a time-consuming pain in the rear.

Question I have is: Would any regular late-model Archos unit be able to do the same thing as the re-branded 'Pocket-Dish' units? I suspect it would be fairly easy to pick one up cheap on Ebay or somewhere.

Anyway, FYI, I plugged my M into the USB port on the back of my Dish DVR, and it gave me an error message, essentially saying 'You have plugged an unsupported device into your DISH USB port. Hit OK to exit.' And that was that. Maybe in the future they will update their firmware to allow it, but most likely, since the M/W is not itself a DVR (like the Archos), it probably will not ever be able to do it.

Good luck.
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