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Default I got CX300 from eBay

I wasn't too keen on the "OEM" versions so I found a seller with product in factory packaging. They seem fine and to my aged ears sound about the same as the Creative EP630s I got for the spousal unit.

The CX300s did arrive in a sealed, genuine looking Sennheiser logoed package. Even the "English" instructions read more like the Germlish (Germans writing English) than Chinglish. The latter being the "all your base are belong to us" ilk.

As I recall, my accepted bid ended up being around GBP 5.00 (GBP = UK Pounds) with shipping at GBP 9.99. All together that's about USD $30, and it took about two weeks for them to arrive in the mail. UK vendor -allegedly- and Hong Kong shipping address.

I can't speak for you of course but I accepted the risk and a happy enough to do it again.

Olde Bill
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