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Hi - I haven't visited here in many months.

I have been using very old Clip Zips with Rockbox for my audiobooks. Being able to remember the track location per book as I switch between two books is very important. Also being able to back up 30 seconds is important to review what I just heard or just missed hearing. Also, I needed an automatic sleep function as I often listen to books in bed. Rockbox is great for this especially with all of the system and playback options. However, using Sandisk players over 5 years old is a problem. The batteries fail to hold a charge and the internal disk drive needs regular reformatting.

Following advice from others, I had been using older smart phones and Ipods.

Ipods are not easy to use in terms of getting new content on and off the device. Then I found the Android app Smart Audiobook player. It has all of the functions for a book player including a shake sensor to keep playing when a sleep timer has been invoked.

Eventually, I found new Sprint Samsung S4 Mini smartphones on sale for $30. They come with battery and decent Samsung earbuds with play/pause, forward, reverse buttons. The great price is to lock you into using Sprint service. I am only using them as media devices. I recently installed Lineage OS 14.1 unofficial on the S4 Mini. This puts Marshmallow on a five year old device and improves its operation.

I bought a few of these S4 Minis and use 64GB cards in them to hold audiobooks and music. The batteries are removeable and easily replaced. With wifi and a personal cloud drive, one can move content to the S4 mini. For greater ease of control, I use a small bluetooth receiver attached to my shirt to listen to the books. The receiver has volume and track controls.

The S4 Mini is about the size of the first IPhones and is easily fits in my shirt pocket. This is not as convenient as the Clip Zips, but the text is more readable, the battery life is much longer, and the device life is much longer. Plus you can browse the Internet and play Youtube clips and more.

This is like a Samsung Galaxy player but better in every way including price.
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