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Unfortunately the site is broken in many ways. Top of the list is the search function. Fortunately most posts are still here but it's best to circle back in with an online search. I'd google "Cowon J3 Not Playing FLAC anythingbutipod". When I did I found several threads relating to viewing and playing FLAC files on Cowons.

The primary culprit was files with too high sample rates that the player couldn't reproduce. The other oddball problem was the file extension. For reasons only Cowon knows some FLAC files with the extension "FLAC" either wouldn't be seen or play. Renamed to "FLA" they worked properly. Of course that depended on them being at sample rates the player could handle.

Not many come to ABI now so it's doubtful you'll see many if any more answers from experienced J3 owners. I just dropped by to kill any spam. That makes your best bet to do that google along do some reading and experimenting.

Good Luck!!!
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