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Old 12-27-2017, 06:36 AM
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Default Looking for a decent successor to Sansa Clip / Clip+ / Zip / Jam

I've had various models of Sansa's Clip models for some years - I mainly use them to listen to music whilst in the gym, but at other times, too.

I've had a couple of the origjnal Clip models - which I thought were great, just limited by the on-board storage. 2 Clip+ - these were I think the model I was most happy with - altbough they seemed a bit sensitive to fhe type of memory card used. One I lost, the other I found again, it had fallen out of my pocket whilst walking my son to school (wasn't using it at the time), I found it a couple of days later, on the path, but it had suffered from being out in the rain.

The Clip Zip I had was OK, but suffered some damage to the power button when it fell on the floor (it was in a silicone case) which rendered the power button usable (can still be powered on by pluggin into a power source).

And I currently use a Clip Jam, which suffers from being significantly more restrictive on the number of playlists you can have, especially when compared with earlier models.

As I said, I think my favourite / optimum model was the Clip+.

Not being that happy with my Clip Jam (I find the playlist count restriction a real pain) I'd been looking to find something similar - I recently bought an AGPTEK A12 mp3 player, which appears similar to Sansa Clip models.

I've found it hugely disappointing sound quality with the same mp3, and same headphones sounds horrible compared with my Clip Jam, the operation with the buttons awful and unintuitive, and playlists seem a big problem - I read of lots of comments regarding issues using playlists - and after reading plenty of threads on the subject, and trying various things, I don't have a solution - it really shouldn't be that tricky, I've been creating and using playlists on my various Sansa Clip models for years, this really shouldn't be so tricky to get working.

So I'm looking for something as close to my favourite Clip+ as possible, support for microsd cards, reliable playlist support, no inordinately restrictive things on numbers of playlists alllowed (I realise there are always limits, I just want a better limit than is present on the Clip Jam).

Most of my usage is music, occasionally I listen to audiobbooks. I like the Clip type form factor, as I use mine a lot whilst working out.

I don't really want to spend lots of money, but then it shouldn't be an expensive device, the Sansa Clips never were.

Anyone got any good recommendations with those sort of requirements?

I'm unlikely to trust another AGPTEK model, given I'm hugely disappointed with the one I've recently bought.
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