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Default FOUND SOLUTION for broken battery but destroyed connector

Hi everyone. I hope this forum still lives. My beloved Zen Vision M struggled for past few months - battery wouldnīt charge, even the new one. Today, I finally found a solution, how to use my device again - I have this external battery pack adapter for my Zooom H4N recording device (I guess you can still buy them on ebay), which happened to have exactly the same connector that fit into the port that connects to the bottom of Vision M (one in the middle). Suddenly, my Zen turned on - it simply bypased the original battery and run on 4 AAA batteries that were in the Zoom battery pack. I definitelly wouldnīt mind using my player like this. BUT. I soon found out that without the original battery connected (I thought when there is external power, there is no need for original battery), player donīt run at all (only blue led), so I wanted to connect the original battery, close it forever and use it with external power pack anyway. And yes, you guess right, I havenīt realised the battery was sticked to the cover and the battery connector on the motherboard - tore off. So now, even though I wouldnīt need battery at all, I need this damn connector to be working just to turn the device on. My question: Is there ANY way how I could bypass the original battery completely and run on external power source? Because this is completely infuriating, I am no solding expert, nor smartphone user and I simply want my beloved mp3player back.....
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