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A new firmware, version 1.9, for the M3 has been released. It can be downloaded from here Installation directions are also available on that page.

Release Notes:
The following changes and improvements have been made to FW1.9 compared to FW1.7:

1. Added support for Fast forward/Rewind through in-line control;
2. Fixed issue where noise might be heard when playing certain WAV tracks;
3. Fixed issue where the total number of tracks displayed in the Now Playing menu would not be updated after deleting a track;
4. Fixed issue where the idle power off function might not work in some cases;
5. Fixed issue where the Hold function would not work when charging the player while the screen is off;
6. Fixed issue where some buttons might not work after switching off the Hold button in some cases;
7. Fixed issue where the control buttons might still function when the player is turned off but being charged;
8. Miscellaneous bug fixes.
What's not mentioned in the release notes is that music files now sort properly. Directories still sort in the chronological order they were added to the player. If that's important you can use DriveSort or a similar app to place them in alpha order.

It's unfortunate .m2u playlist support can't be added. If it had that I wouldn't have a problem recommending it as a Clip Sport\Jam substitute.
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