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Originally Posted by humersimpson View Post
You're not an unpaid beta tester, you're paying THEM to be the beta tester when you buy these un-finished products.

Just figured I'd point out that difference.
That would be the case if I actually kept the crappy ones. Thing is I've been doing this long enough to figure out how not to do that.

I have zero qualms about returning a DAP that doesn't measure up to my standards. That means I either I buy locally or from vendors with free shipping both ways and a liberal return policy. Any that charge a restocking fee aren't on my list.

I kept the M3 because it seemed promising. I also hadn't hit my DAP budget for quite a while. That experience has been enough that I relearned my lesson about buying a DAP that isn't well reviewed or hasn't had it's firmware updated to bring it to a decent standard.
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