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Old 10-31-2016, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Jack4L View Post
Well you said (in order of appearance):

Maybe I misunderstood these 2 separate posts but this is pretty much exactly the MWZ-504
No, you did not misunderstood it, in these two posts, quotes I talk about the same. And maybe the MWZ-504 some cool solution to me, if I got what it as at all, here I quote myself again

Me speaking of the Sony MWZ-504:
Originally Posted by neutral View Post
So, if I understand, you recommend a Bluetooth dongle to my inquiry, which I have no idea how is a solution to my problem. If you suggest the above Sony as a standalone player, that might be different, I tried to find reviews for it, on YouTube (where all the cool reviews are these days), the 2 English language ones were just lame unboxing videos, all reviews for this model was, strangely, in languages other than English.

But if you recommend me a Sony player, then why exactly this model? I just went to the Sony home page (and a store, too), and discovered several other, interestingly-looking options. I have no idea about Hi Res Audio, though.
Bottom line, the MWZ-504 might be an obscured model in the Sony line as I haven found any relevant English review on YouTube or the net explaining me its benefits in particular to my situation.

Originally Posted by Jack4L View Post
It's an MP3 player, that can pair to a smartphone to provide bluetooth adapter functionality.
You totally lost me with this 2nd, Bluetooth part, however. Is it an MP3 player? Is it a Bluetooth dongle? Yes to both (as far as I understand). But how exactly this one (Bluetooth dongle + MP3 player 2 in 1) is the solution I need? I have no idea (yet), sorry.

Originally Posted by Jack4L View Post
btw that video with info about the Sandisk bluetooth player? Why do they give so little info, give us a product name at least? Seriously, leaving me itching for more info... :P In any case, glad to hear Sandisk still developing new MP3 players, figured this might have been the first thing WD drops when they acquired them.
Still, there aren't any more news on it.

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