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Default New hard drive for Archos 605 wifi 160 gb

These Archos threads look ancient and inactive but I'll take a shot:

Via a very nice fellow on another forum I have an Archos 605 wifi with what I believe may have had a 160 gb hard drive. I say may have because I got it for free because it came without the hard drive.

What I'd like to know is what brand of hard drive is used for this model? I've done a lot of searching and have come up with very little. A Toshiba hd?

Is this model of Archos too old now to be serviceable? Am I SOL? Am I being naive in thinking (hoping) I could pop in a new hd and the motherboard would have everything it needed to boot up (I have a working 30gb 605, can I transfer it's hd contents to a new had)?

HG Guy
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