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With the AP100 you have four id3 tag ways to play/browse music.

Play All (this is also often referred to as 'Song'

**5800 track limit for above method of browsing**

After this list comes what is presented on the sd card. It doesn't actually have an entry that says 'Folder' or 'File Browser' like other DAPs might do, it just actually starts to show the contents of the SD card below. So for me it's a list of Artist folders because my sd card is organised as 'Artist>Album>Tracks'. Once you move to the next folder ie you select a artist folder, you get presented with a list of albums, and once again selecting an album will present you with tracks. It is only once you can SEE a file that you can begin playback, there is no 'Play All' within say the Album section.
I suppose dumping a small m3u file within that area on yer sd card would solve that issue, it's a bit of work I guess but a workaround if what yer wanting to do is basically shuffle all the tracks from all albums from a particular artist.

But back to the id3tag database for browsing for a sec, here it does something I haven't seen on a DAP before.

So say you select 'Genre' in the list, instead of being presented with a list of artists or albums, you just get a dump of tracks. Same for browsing 'Artist', you might expect to see a list of albums next... nop. Once again you are treated to a mass dumping of tracks from that artist lol.
It might actually work for some people, it's not rare that people selecting Genre just want to shuffle all, in that sense the AP100 is set up well to do that. But if yer looking to browse and find stuff and play say just one album (in the right order) yer better off browsing via yer sd card imo.

Cowon has it better imo, each step of navigation gives you a more logical presentation as well as the option to 'Play All' in each step. So when yer in Cowon's 'Genre' instead of a mass dumping of files you'll get artists or albums as well as at the top an option to 'Play All' (of that particular genre).

Look... AP100 isn't without it's quirks, day to day use it doesn't affect how I interact and listen to music, but I can see that it might not be the one for other people.

I am very interested in the Cowon Plenue D, it absolutely trumps the battery life of the AP100 as well as size (90g vs 150g) and is said to be sufficiently powerful enough to drive some harder headphones. It is also said to be hiss free (a first for Cowon tbh), but it is far higher priced than the AP100, so I will try and get my monies worth out of my AP100 before deciding on the PD, hopefully I'll see if for cheap somewhere in a sale in the next year or two.
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