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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
All the programs you name use the interface provided by the drivers in Windows. What they're able to do is different but they have to used the core driver provided by Windows. That's why they can't create a working .pla playlist when the files have been transferred in MSC (you see a drive letter) mode.

What you see in Explorer when you view files transferred in MTP (you see the name of the player) mode aren't actually files. What you're presented with is presentations of links in a network that are formed by the player. Properly written software is able to read those links and tell the player what you want done with the nodes in the network they represent. As the Sony player has made that network it will use playlists that are formed from those link. As it isn't coded to use files transferred in MSC mode as parts of playlists it won't use those.

I've said all that to emphasize that the player must be in MTP mode for playlists to work. External software can't write the internal network needed for the player to be able to create and read playlists.

As your player is in MSC you'll need it to connect it in MTP mode for playlists to work. I used the directions here to convert my Sony from MTP to MSC mode the times I experimented with using them in MSC. Those directions are for converting from the default MTP to MSC. However when you delete the MSC driver when the player reconnects it should connect in MTP. BTW deleting the MSC driver doesn't delete it from your system. It changes which driver is used in the USB connection to address the Sony.

If none of that works I'm not sure what the problem could be. A Sony typically installs in MTP as the default. You don't mention forcing it into MSC mode so I can't think of why that would have changed. The installation mode will change if Windows the copy of Windows isn't validated but you've addressed that.
Sorry for such a delay.
I connect my tablet and it installs MTP drivers, I can see"Device Manager>MTP device"
Im still fighting with this problem :/. If nothing happens maybe I'll try to reinstall windows.
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