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MediaMonkey isn't bad but MusicBee is my favorite. Here's a link to some of my thoughts on MB from a few years back If you search the forum you'll find several more posts from me about it. Most of those will be fairly old but I think they'll give you a good idea what MB has to offer. There's been under the hood improvements since then so it also runs lighter and faster than what it did at the time I posted my thoughts

It requires adding a copy of LAME to encode to mp3 for licensing reason but you get instructions how to do that during setup. There's also the need to get a couple of files to deal with AAC (m4a) files but it's dead simple to add those if you want. You're given links to get the files you need. You download them and follow the simple instruction as to where to place them in your MB installation folder and you're set.

You can give version 2.5 a shot but I wouldn't spend much time setting it up. That's because it's just now going into full 3.0 Release Candidate

It's a Release Candidate but there's been a lot of time and effort put into it by what I consider a very talented developer. There's also been a considerable amount of testing and feedback from a very active community of knowledgeable and enthusiastic users. That's made the RC version the one I'm using now. There's some UI glitches reported by others but the core functions are dead solid as I use it for keeping my DAPs up to date.
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