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I'm an album guy. What I found early on is that a single song that I hear on the radio (or back in the day when MTV actually played music videos, on MTV) can get me to buy an album, then listening through the album, I find more songs that I like as much or sometimes more (leanred early on that sometimes the more popular songs off of an album are not those I find to be the best songs on the album). Now I find when I listen to albums, especially those bought in my pre-teens/teens into my 20's, I find that some of the songs that did not appeal to me back then, now appeal to me more than the songs I preferred back then. For me, its a richer experience to listen to an entire album rather than just taking a song that appeals to me today that I catch on radio or somewhere else, especially when I find a song on the album I like more than the one or two that actually get radio play or play on a TV music station.

Where I stray from being an "album guy" is when it comes to holiday music, in that case, I will put several albums into a playlist and shuffle.
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