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Originally Posted by mellymelsr View Post
I have an X1 and the sound is much cleaner and more defined than a rockboxed clip. The amp is significantly more powerful as well. I recommend flac recordings for best results. I use my X1 with Audio Technica ATH-M50X and FiiO EX1 iem. Vocals and instrument separation are more defined on the X1 compared to the rockboxed clip.
Please post how you performed your volume matching to determine your opinion. When I have listened to the X1 volume matched I haven't heard a difference in "definition".

BTW the my advice about waiting for the M3 was good at the time but needs to change. Now that I have one I can't recommend anyone buy one unless the firmware is updated to fix the UI. As it stands it's far inferior to any Clip I've had. It's somewhat louder but unless the user is big on frustration I'd give it a miss.

I'm still willing to stand by my opinion about a semi-decent off contract smartphone being a better value than the X1. It won't be quite as loud as the X1 but will out perform it in every other way.
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