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I wasn't in the least offended by your link. You'll notice I left the link to the Sony forum for anyone that might need to get Sonic Stage. We just can't have a link to an upload you placed somewhere. Sony may or may not care but we don't have the resources to fight them if they decide to get pissy about it.

The need for copyrighted software like SonicStage or the Zune software to manage music on any DAP is what bugs me. Any player that needed that type silliness went straight to the bottom of my buying list after I experienced the Zune software wiping out a considerable part of my music collection during one disastrous sync. If I hadn't had it backed up in a couple alternate locations I would have been well and truly screwed. As it was it took weeks to gather all the diskettes and put my collection in some semblance of order again.

I've been a drag and drop supporter since then. It might be in MSC or MTP but I find that not having the additional barrier of proprietary software is best for the way I manage my music players.
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