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Indeed there is a gap. So much emphasis is put on the hardware and sound quality that software is completely brushed aside.
Players with audiophile-level hardware are pretty common nowadays. Players with good sound are a dime a dozen. Players with software that has more than the basics are nowhere to be found.
Heck, I think my old Archos Gmini XS202 has better software in some respects.

Oh, well... I guess I am indeed stuck with my Fuze and Clip. I will keep my eye on iBasso, FiiO and xDuoo (and be on the lookout for any other manufacturers) to see what new players and updates they release. Maybe iBasso will release a more budget player. Maybe xDuoo or FiiO would decide to implement ReplayGain (or at least announce that it's really coming). None of this is likely but one can only hope.
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