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Originally Posted by Darkbulb View Post
I've used my Zune HD (and non-HD before that) for years and I really do think that device was way ahead of its time when it came out. But, with using Win 8 and 10 I am having increased issues with it (podcasts not syncing, files corrupted, etc) so I thought I'd "move on".

My listening behavior/needs are pretty simple:

60% podcasts
30% music
10% Radio, etc

I loved the Zune podcasts manager and ideally I would want a device that makes it easy to download and manage podcasts (and for the player to remember where I left off when I return to an episode).

I often find that I often use my phone these days to stream podcasts through Stitcher and really like the ability to do so through its speakers when I'm home (the lower sound quality is not that important as I'm listening to spoken podcasts).

Not a big fan of using my phone - or any phone - as an mp3 player so am looking for a dedicated player.

SO, ideally I'd like an MP3 player that;
a) Makes it easy to manage and resume podcasts,
b) Have a built in speaker,
c) Great audio quality for music
d) WiFi would be great, and
e) Under $300

So far I've looked at;
- Cowon M2 (love the speakers, not sure about a resistive screen),
- Sony NW-A25 (no touchscreen but the UI seems straight forward and sadly no speakers....)

None of these have WiFi but that's one thing I could do away with.

Any other recommendations you guys can make that I may have overlooked - or some issues with my choices above...?
Does the Sony A25 have any kind of bookmarking? The older Sony players I'm familiar with don't.

The Sansa Fuze, clip, clip+, and clip zip have the best, most intelligent bookmarking scheme I've seen. They have a separate folder called 'Audiobooks' and 'Podcasts', any file placed in one of those folders automatically gives you the option to resume from where you left off, or play from the beginning. The folders are automatically present in main memory, but if you make folders on the memory card with the same names, they will function the same. As far as I know, the newest Sansa players don't have this function because of their very limited processing power or system memory. They may be hard to find new, but for your budget you should be able to hunt down an excellent condition used one.
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