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I think your new battery is no good, or maybe not charging.

I've changed the battery in my H140 (now with 128GB SSD...bliss!) at least twice since I bought it new all those years ago and it is a fiddly procedure and you could easily damage the board. The first time I dismantled my H140 I broke the hold switch but luckily nothing else.
But equally likely is that the new battery is no good. These batteries have a limited life, even if unused. Even if the item was perfectly manufactured it could die on the retailer's shelf if unused for a couple of years.

These batteries are cheap. Cheap enough that buying another is not an expensive way to prove a fault. If you have a multimeter and an alternative way to charge the battery then do that. You could also check that your iRiver charger is working OK. But otherwise try another battery. Good luck.
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