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I've only owned/used Rockboxed Sandisk MP3 players to scrobble (Clip+/Zip/Fuze) and they do their job. They generate a .scrobble.log file and then BoxScrobbler parses the file and scrobbles the songs (even <30s, which is what I like the most!).

I'm not sure if you can generate the file with other MP3, in fact, I doubt it. Anyway, in case you get something like a log with the files you've played, you could write a Python script or something like that to format it. I've done this when I couldn't scrobble from Musicbee because of a proxy and had to do a manual submission. You can search in the forums too, I've read in the past about the possibility to scrobble from Cowon devices.

The app for Android works with Play Music, maybe it works with more apps.

I'd say you go for a MP3 that can be rockboxed and meets all your requirements. Good luck!
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