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Finally (after many YEARS thinking about it) got around to updating my X5 to an SD card, pretty much per Razorblader's instructions. I should post some pictures...maybe after I get a 128GB card for it. Right now I'm at 64GB. I found that I didn't need to work on the master boot record, perhaps because I did a long format (using guiformat). What I did find was that the X5 didn't recognize the card, and wouldn't connect to my 'puter over USB, when the card was simply formatted (FAT32). I had to transfer the contents of my backup of the original X5 HD to the card first, using the card slot in my 'puter. Then everything just came up and worked; it connects over USB, and it plays. Of course the long format takes quite a while, but it's just computer time, not MY time. Anyway, this let me get up and running without having to buy the MBRWizard. (Maybe not a bad program to have, but I already have Macrium Reflect, which backs up and restores MBRs, which is the important part...)

I made a couple mods to the CF-->1.8"IDE adapter: First, I used solder-wick to remove excess solder on the back of the board at the master/slave jumper, and cut the pins short there. On the top side, I pulled off the plastic spacer at the bottom of the pins (not needed once the pins are mounted, after all) and cut them so they are a bit below the top of the CF connector; re-installed the jumper so it's now "shorter" than the CF connector. Second, I noticed that the flex-circuit connector in the X5 stuck up high enough to contact the back of the X5 when I put it back on. That was true even if I left out the rubber spacer between the battery and the adapters. So, having a good soldering iron and microscope and reasonably steady hands, I de-soldered the IDE connector from the adapter (NOT the X5 IDE connector!) and re-mounted it at maybe a 20 degree angle, pointing down a bit when the adapters are installed (that is, pointing "up" when you're looking at the "top" of the adapter). Now the top of the X5 IDE connector board is slightly lower than the plane of the back of the CF to IDE adapter board. I can't recommend trying this if you're not sure you have the proper equipment and technique! Oh, and I also wrapped some narrow electronics tape (similar to Kapton tape) that I have across the exposed solder/connector pins on the CF to IDE adapter, to keep the woven conductive strap in the X5 from shorting them out. Presumably there's not a lot of need for that strap after you replace the HD, except that (on mine) there's a conductive foam pad on the back that picks up ground for the back from it. Could probably cut it shorter anyway.

Wish I'd done this long ago, but at least now 128GB SD cards are quite reasonably priced and will let me put all the music I care about into my X5. Yea!

By the way, did the mod X5's power switch was being flakey and the battery had lost almost all its capacity and I wasn't using the X5 for a while...but missing it. Finally decided to attend to all three at once. Put a drop of Caig D5 contact cleaner/lubricant on the switch, and put in a new battery. Have spent the day with the X5 reminding me why I always loved it. :-)
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