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Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
I hear AAC 128 is even good enough for most. But you haven't actually specified a figure in terms of battery life, currently yer just hearsay/speculation. If u get bored, do yer AAC test and leave for a day, I trust you when u put a figure out there. Even if u beat 10hrs its important info to put out there....
It is. To be honest, the iTunes AAC encoder is very good and where it really shines over MP3 is at the lower bitrates. For me, Q91 TrueVBR (~192kbps) seems to be a good balance of sound quality and space savings on my portables. I could probably get away with Q109 (~256kbps) or Q118 (~320kbps) as well but if I can't hear the difference compared to Q91, might as well save the space and shove more music onto my card.

I re-ran the battery life test and I was getting about 11 hrs out of my X3 and I got way more out of my iPhone so I must have been comparing to my X1 or something before.

The iPhone/iPod is honestly not a bad-sounding device. The headphone out is what really sucks and it won't drive good, high resistance headphones like the X3 or X5 will. Listening through the dock connector hooked up to a stereo I find the iPod and iPhone sound WAAAY better. I use a cable that has the old dock connector on one end and RCA jacks on the other, and then I have a cable that goes RCA > 3.5mm male and I hook that into my stereo.
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