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Originally Posted by SHADOWYCHILD View Post
I have Hippo Biscuit+ too and like BruceBanner, I think the shuffle function is a joke. If you don't use the clip behind the player, you are better off with the predecessor (which doesn't have a shuffle function) and I think it is $20 AUD cheaper.
Yeh i couldn't even locate an original biscuit :/

Originally Posted by SHADOWYCHILD View Post
Is Hippo Biscuit+ a bad player? I think it depends on your preference. To me, it perfectly suits my need. I don't load up hundreds of songs to the player. Instead, each week I choose 20-30 songs that I actually want to listen to.
When you play your 20-30 songs, are you too finding that they are playing alphabetically and not by track number (or file name)?

Originally Posted by SHADOWYCHILD View Post
The sound quality of the player is superb, much better than my iPhone and my Samsung tablet. I just hope it can support more file formats (it only supports WAV and mp3).

Also I don't think Biscuit can be upgraded with firmware. I have tried contacting the company and there is no reply.
Yes the sound is very good for the price. I have had one reply from the company, customer service is very bad.
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