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My ebook reader is the Kindle Voyage. Imo it is the best on the market because of its battery life, smooth page refreshing, and backlighting which can provide enough lighting to read in total darkness for literally days without recharging.

Anyways onto the full review:
This device has 3 major issues that just tick me the heck off:
1) Paying $20 to remove ads still leaves ads on your device! They might not have price tags on them but every time I turn my device on or off I'm bombarded with crappy hipster art! You have no option to use your own lock screen or turn it off entirely! I have no clue why but it forces you to go along with its stupid coffee shop "I'm so sophisticated in my clear lens glasses" hipster crap.

2) It displays all your files based on their metadata names. Do you have 62 animorph books or a long book series of your own? Well prepare your anus because it is going to dump them all together in one massive pile in your collection. I even transferred the files to my laptap via the usb cable and renamed them all "1 *book title*", "2 *book title*", ect AND IT COMPLETELY IGNORED THE NAME CHANGE! The display name you get is based on the metadata the file has and not the file name which can be anything and kindle completely disregards it! And Kindle doesn't even have a "rename" option built into the device! This is stupidly anti-userfriendly to the point where I would have stopped using it if not for a free program made by some wonderfully beautiful people called "Calibre" which let me fix the problem by renaming all 500 something books in my library ONE BY ONE. THANKS KINDLE.

3) The damn file management It has a compact list mode but it ignores your font size so you can only see 8 collections/books at a time at most in "list view" which is only 2 more than in "file view". If you happen to read 30 or 40 series you are going to have a fun time flipping through pages to get to it. God forbid if you have a lot of lone books you love. Also when you want to add books to a collection you need to go through a massive checklist (assuming you have 500 ish books like me) and it doesn't have the option to autohide files already in collections which would save TONS of time. So you need to go through dozens of pages (they say it can hold thousands of books, have fun with that!!!) and try to find whatever random crap kindle changed the name to! Simply awful. Although if you set kindle to sort by author and your collection only has a few authors or 1 author it is not too horrible, also you can set your kindle view to collection and it will have all the books not in any collection show up after all the collections so if you have a new collection you want to make from multiple authors and it is only a few books adding them that way won't be bad but as you can only add books 1 by 1 that would really suck. In short there is no good way to make a large collection by many authors.

4) I won't count this because it is not part of the kindle but the device is not waterproof and it has nothing but horrible cases for it. The only waterproof cases I saw were literally plastic bags! I actually contacted otterbox and Lifeproof I was so eager to have an impact resistant waterproof case and luckily Lifeproof got back to me and said they were designing one atm but currently no good case exists for it. A company named Waterfi is currently looking in to internally waterproofing the device in a silicon injecting process that will probably cost ~$90 I will definitely purchase if it becomes available.

The good: (which to be fair is very very good)
Display - crisp, clear, awesome refresh rate, only slight press delay that is easy to adapt to, optional backlighting which will auto adjust to the current lighting, ect. All the hardware on this device is EASILY the most high end you will see on an ebook reader and completely fantastic. Also I LOVE the finger swipes to turn pages.
Battery - You can turn off wifi/3g (honestly don't know why you would buy 3g when you can easily get to free wifi hotspots between books or use an ap to make your phone a hotspot), vibration feedback, backlighting, all the share data/synch options and this device will have the longest battery on the market for ebook reading that lasts literally months thanks to its e-ink which is basically like an ultra hd etch-a-sketch that only uses power to change the display and can hold its current image until your natural death without using any power. So it literally only uses power to change the page and has partial page refresh so it won't even change the entire page if it doesn't have to.
Size - This device is easily page sized so it is great for say a jacket breast-pocket or the like. Literally a library that lasts months in your pocket.
File storage - it is capped at 3gb of storage which while that is a lot and they don't charge $100 per gb like apple (okay okay $25) I still see no reason the device couldn't have a micro sd card slot. It isn't like the device is waterproof so there is no need for it to be concerned with an extra opening but w/e it isn't like I have 3gb of books anyways.

As no useful case exists I went with stylish and got a good looking leather case which imo offers decent impact protection and when closed protects the screen against scratches.

As for ebooks in general: There is an abundance of copies of popular books available for free downloads but you can expect quality to vary greatly based on popularity. Some being god awful copies with page numbers added to the books, typos from text recognition errors when the format was converted from pdf or some other image format, and the absence of artwork. But there are plenty of copies of popular books in perfect quality without typos or page numbers or watermarks and all artwork included. Basically it depends how popular the book is if you can even find an ebook version of it and your odds of getting a good quality copy. As for paid for books the quality in those has always been top notch in my experience. Even the poor quality pirated copies are still easily readable and enjoyable in my experience because for me the main thing is that the story is intact.
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