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lucky88, I haven't had a chance to try this older firmware yet (& might not for a while, I'm leaving town in a day or 2 & won't be back for many weeks) but you might give it a try? I am a little nervous about it because it has "fixes" for some things, so it's not the original version my player came with (I think). It shouldn't hurt you other than the possible time involved (reloading everything), including possibly having to reload the latest version again if it doesn't help (you do have a copy of version 1.10.01 from Creative's site right?) I'm sorry I don't have time to test this for us first! If I find the time before leaving I'll post another update for you!

Lucky88, I loaded the older firmware (link right above this) a few minutes ago as an "Upgrade" over the newer version I had installed (without formatting) and I still have the same issue as before (and as you have). I don't know if doing a full format first would help or not? When I was doing the upgrade it finally realized that I was going backwards and asked me to confirm the change & added that it might corrupt some of the newer files if I did so. This makes me wonder if formatting first (then loading the older firmware) might take out the issue we are both having? I honestly don't know & don't have the time today to find out... Sorry!

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