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I'm sure I would have gotten used to it. I have a phone with a 3.5 screen that's about as grainy as it gets and hardly notice what it looks like anymore. Which one to get was a decision I made looking at display models side by side in the store. One screen was larger and sharper and I went with that one.

I was also was planning on rooting and putting a custom rom on whichever model I got. The roms for the 4.0 were further along so that had a good deal of influence on my decision. If they weren't available I doubt I would have got a SGP player. Being forever stuck on Gingerbread wasn't an option.

No regrets about rooting it. I running CM Mod 11 using the Impulse r7.1 kernel. That has it running Kit Kat 4.4.4. It's not as quick or smooth as newer devices with better hardware but it's much quicker than stock and rock solid.
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