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Originally Posted by HipHopScribe View Post
The Vision has been replaced by the Vision W, which has a bigger and better screen, the Vision W has a 16:9 aspect ratio & it has a very wide viewing angle (the viewing angle on the Vision screen is extremely limited), I also found the Vision screen to be kind of washed out. The Vision W also comes in 60GB and it's got some small features the Vision doesn't (like custom background, zoom for photos, etc.). You can still get a Vision, just saying I think the Vision W is better, and the Vision has been discontinued, so if you do get one, just know that it's not as up to date and Creative likely won't be suppoting it with many (if any) more firmware updates in the future (it does have one thing the W doesn't, FM recording). As for the chioce between the Vision or Vision W and the Vision:M, if you want to watch a lot of movies and the size of the player doesn't matter much, don't go with the Vision:M, but if videos are only a secondary feature to you and you want a smaller, more pocketable player, go with the Vision:M.

I heard about the Vision:W, and I thought it'd be like a combi of both Vision & Vision:M, as in big screen and big storage size....The size of the player doesnt matter much to me, hence, if compared between Vision:W and Vision:M, I would definitely prefer Vision:W. However, I have to think of the price factor too. I havent check it out, but I assume that the Vision:W would be pretty much more expensive, no?

Another thing about Vision:M is, it's not a new product, been around for quite a while I believe. It would totally suck if, after I get my Vision:M, a new product is introduced.

Anyone can please tell me about the voice recording quality?
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