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If you had that much space available before and you're certain you didn't fill it it's not a space problem. The amount that it says it needs is what it needs. That amount isn't how much space the database occupies on the disc. It's the amount of working space the firmware needs to build the database. If you're seeing 160 MB free that should be plenty. I've filled up sansas to just under the space the error messages say is needed and they work OK.

The database doesn't grow. It's a fixed size. That's part of why there's file and playlist size limits. If the amount of space being occupied is being reported inaccurately that's also a good indicator of disk problems.

What's happening is there's some part of the database that won't read or write. That's usually due to some sort of disk problem. Windows may not be reporting it but the sandisk firmware can't read or write something so it throws the only error message it has.

There's also a chance there's a tag it can't read. If it could read it before that means the file is somehow changed. That's also a symptom of a disk problem.

I typically advise against formatting flash memory. However if Windows can't find a problem it may be your only option. My worry would be that Fuzes are fairly old and your problem may be the first indication of a hardware failure. Formatting it may push it over the edge.
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