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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
I'd look at Cyanogen Mod 11 It has official CM Mod status so it's updated and should be maintained properly.

You could also try Carbon Rom I use that for appearance sake as much as anything else. They both work pretty much the same for my purposes.

Both are smooth and powerful. I haven't had a crash or lockup with either of them in forever. They use the fairly old hardware better than the samsung firmware did. They can't turn go beyond what the hardware can do but they make the most out of what's there.

The best way to put it is that I would have sold it by now if I had to deal with it the way samsung had it. As it is I ordered a new battery a few days ago to make sure it keeps working.
I had been looking at that cyanogen discussion myself trying to figure out what the very first sentence "...back up your efs" meant
Anyway will have to wait till after Xmas before I have some time to try it. Thanks for your confirmation it was the right way to go.
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