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Default Zune Pass Subscription Music Destructs

I'm not sure if everyone is having this problem, but I can recreate it easily. I may be running up on a new lower limit to the number of devices, but I haven't made any changes to my account in 2 years. Still have the same number of devices I've had.

I have 3 Zunes (16, 120, HD64), all attached to my account properly. I don't use the 16 anymore. I was cleaning up my collection, removing stuff I no longer want. My collection is around 70GB, so it all fits on the 120 but I of course select what I want on the HD64. The 120 seemed to properly remove the tracks I deleted since it is set to "auto".

Now, I had downloaded some subscription content a couple of months ago, and it synced to both devices. I downloaded some only last week, and it synced to the 120 fine. I was intending to sync it to the HD64 during this current session.

I wiped the HD64 in preparation to re-load what I wanted. During the sync of the HD64, I noticed a LOT of sync errors on "subscription" content. It seems that some of it was "no longer available" (nothing I can do about that, I suppose), but most of it indicated I needed to log in to check the license. I was logged in, and the license had been updated as far as I could tell.

What I found was that the license had indeed updated, but to "no sync rights". But it was still on the 120, and when I did a refresh sync with it, it did not indicate errors.

I have in the past restored backup copies of subscription content to my PC that had gotten deleted, and the licenses renewed and all was well, it synced to both devices. Now no subscription content would sync. I thought maybe something in the wiping process had gotten it all borked.

So I decided to wipe both devices, and hope that everything straightened out. Nope, it got worse. Now the subscription content wouldn't sync to the 120 either. So basically I had subscription content on the PC that I couldn't use on my portables. Not what I wanted.

I again wiped the 120, and used the Media Collection Reset Tool, which deletes all of the databases used by the Zune Desktop software. I started the Zune software back up, and everything was "discovered" as it should have been. I synced it all to the 120 with no problems as the subscription content seemed to have sync rights again. After that, I started on the HD64 and found they had lost them again.

I thought it might have to do with some of the content being older. So, I downloaded something that I've never downloaded before, and the same thing happened. Once it synced with the 120, it lost sync rights.

So, I'm not sure what's going on. Either they've limited it to 1 device, or they're taking sync rights away and I just managed to get the new content synced to the 120 before they rights got taken away from it.

I realize that they're moving it all to XBOX Music. I suspect that soon I won't even be able to download subscription content with the Zune software anymore, it will be "streaming only" like the XBOX Music app on Windows 8.

To be honest, I had about decided to cancel my Zune Pass anyway. It used to that the 10 free tracks a month were about equal to 1 album a month, and it was worth $14.99/month for that and the subscription content. But, with albums running more than 10 tracks, I find I have to wait until the next month to finish up, and only get part of another album. So I end up paying nearly $45 for 2 albums, way more that I could buy them and rip them. That coupled with this "sync rights self destruct" issue it just isn't worth it anymore.

Sorry to be so long, more of rant than anything else I guess.
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