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Still have my SGP 4.0. With the samsung firmware it just didn't do what I want. The hardware wasn't bad but the JB android version and Touchwiz held it back. I thought I had bricked it the first time I tried rooting it when I didn't follow directions. Tossed it in the "failed experiment" drawer and forgot about it for months.

Got bored some months later and decided to try to revive it or sell it for parts. Fortunately I had followed the directions on how to make a complete backup including the EFS. Having those let me do a complete restoration.

I followed the root and update directions properly after that. That turned something I considered half decent into a what I think of as being among the most capable media players I have. It does all the other things well but it really comes into it's own for me as a music player.

I really like how it sounds using the built in DSP Manager that includes Voodoo Sound. No danger of it getting sold off any time soon now.
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