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Old 11-26-2014, 08:46 PM
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Here are some comments from that link in the 1st post of this topic, just thought it might be interesting to see:

Irvin, purchasing a Tera-Player you will be richly rewarded with a sonically sublime DAP capable of reproducing subtle musical nuances with an unfatiguing and naturalistic soundstage. You are joining an elite group of audiophiles privileged to own a quirky, bespoke and beguiling music player. Enjoy!
Jerry, not everything that is deemed as 'audiophile' can be scientifically quantified, thus look at the measurements from bespoke tube amps, which measure horrendously yet 'sound' utterly sublime. I own both the Tera-Player and Sansa Clip and there is no comparison whatsoever, the Tera-Player is more dynamic, analogue and involving in a way that the Clip could never hope to emulate.
Erwin, why are you so vitriolic and dismissive of a DAP that you've not even heard?!? Your disingenuous comments are fatuous and quite bizarre as they're based on conjecture and pure supposition. People qualified to comment, i.e. folks who have listened to the Tera-Player, appreciate it as a sonically superb DAP. So please take your nonsensical bile elsewhere.
It seems that guy on this thread was right, sometimes it's better to waste money on drugs. Or you might end up like this guy.

Oh, and BTW, the price for TeraPlayer is now 4,000 $. I think it was about 1,000 when it came out.

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