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Default Wish list: Bookmarking on the Zen Nano

Hi all -

I'm new to this forum and a big fan of the Creative's Zen Nano. Its tiny size is great for running (no need to use any clip since it fits into a pocket). The use of AAA batteries also means essentially no downtime waiting for a recharge or expensive charging equipment to buy or lug around.

My biggest wish is that Creative would add a bookmarking feature like they have on their higher capacity players.

The ability to bookmark several places in podcasts, audiobooks, or favorite albums would make it easy to move seamlessly between the different types of listening I do.

I wouldn't have to remember, for example, that I was 23 minutes into an hour-long podcast on global warming or 12 minutes into track 25 of "War and Peace." And if I wanted to take a music break from my podcast or audiobook listening, I could jump right back to the last track on the Cars' album I was listening to earlier.

I've seen other folks express this wish in their reviews of Zen Nano players.

Is anyone here interested in encouraging Creative to add this feature?
If there's interest, maybe we could all email Creative and make the suggestion.

Who knows? They might just grant the wish.

Thanks for reading
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Default Creative Zen Nano Plus does this, partly

The CZNP remembers where you were in a book or podcast if you simply shut it off while it is playing. When you turn it on, it resumes from where you left off. Of course, that's only ONE bookmark. It's enough for me, and the device is cheap.

This does NOT happen if it shuts off because your battery is dead. So if, for example, you want to leave it where it was when you turned it on, you can turn it off by removing the battery (and replacing it).
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Actually it remembers the last place you shut it off if you remove the battery.

That is if you shut it off at 5 minutes into a program, turn it back on and listen until 10 minutes, if you swap the battery (without shutting down) it'll start up at 5 minutes. (Anyway that's what happened last time my battery died on me).

But I agree with EricB. Multiple bookmarks would be nice.
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