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Welcome to ABi

The in built music player has a speed adjustment. I can't tell you exactly how well it works. I didn't use it much when I had one for a few days. I wasn't fond of the samsung music app so I added my account and used Gone Mad music player. that is able to shift the tempo and auto correct the pitch. It has a free 14 day trial so you could give it a try without risking anything.

The native music player did have pitch correction with the speed shift iirc. I didn't like the EQ or any of the other sound adjustments so I didn't experiment with it much.

BTW, any reason you're looking at the SGP 4.2? The primary reason I'm asking is since the SGP 4.2 first came out there's been improvements in the way android handles audio. Not all of them are audible but the improvement in gapless playback is enough for me to not get a android device that isn't running Jelly Bean 4.12 or better.

There's root and roms for the 4.2 but it came last and by the time that happened the developers had pretty much lost interest. There is a KitKat based rom but when I look at the thread on xdadevelopers it seems to have stagnated.

You may want to look at getting a no contract smartphone. Quite a few of them work well as media players without activation. They have the cell radio the Galaxy Player line doesn't have but I just put them into airplane mode so it doesn't drain the battery looking for a cell signal it can't use.

They also tend to have better hardware and updated versions of android. I'm seeing some with very good audio hardware and features running KiKat for less than $100. I'd check into one of them before you buy an outdated player like the SGP 4.2 that's going to need considerable work to get it to the level of what works as well, if not better, off the shelf.
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