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If you are trying to WRITE to a 64GB card (and that includes doing the FAT32 FORMAT using GUIFormat or SDFormat... and it MUST BE FAT32), you MUST do it in an external card reader. The firmware in the J3 is only prepared to write to a 32GB card if the card is inserted into the unit. There's all kinds of issues with Windows and FAT32 on a 64GB card, which disappear if you use an external reader rather than the J3 as your "writer".

Again, you MUST do all FORMAT/WRITE operations for a 64GB card outside of the J3. Once you have all your data onto the card you can remove it from the reader and insert it into the J3. The J3 firmware has no problem READing a 64GB FAT32 card that contains data. It just can't WRITE to that card.

Also, if you want to write to the internal storage on your J3, you MUST REMOVE THE 64GB CARD FIRST... so that Windows only sees your internal storage when the J3 is connected via USB cable. Once you complete the maintenance on your internal storage, you can again reinsert the 64GB card. I know... you didn't do anything on the card, you were only working on internal storage. But just take that 64GB card out when you're doing any WRITE operations to the J3, and you won't have any problems.

Again... if you stick with a 32GB card or smaller, none of these considerations apply because the J3 firmware understands and is prepared for a 32GB card, and Windows has no problem with FAT32 on a 32GB card. It's only 64GB and larger (which the J3 was never designed to handle) that problems require special care and feeding.
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