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I've had something similar happen with other lithium batteries that had been left uncharged for too long. I've had most of them recover by leaving it on a wall charger for a few hours. Most times it starts charging own it's own after a few hours. Other times only it started charging normally after I removed and replaced it. A few times it never started charging and I've had to replace it.

It doesn't seem to be charging but it seems there can be a trickle charge that occurs. There's supposed to be a safety circuit that gets tripped when the charge level drops below a certain amount and stays there. If it can take a trickle charge that can sometimes be reset.

If you decide to try letting it stay connected to a wall charger I'd do it with the back off and check to see if it gets hot. Not warm, hot. If it shows any sign of that yank it out immediately. You don't want to fry the player trying to use it to get a bad battery to take a charge.
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