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Musicbee is capable of seeing any music file on my i9. There's a number of things that if you don't list what you're doing might be stopping it from seeing all the files on yours. An example would be that files added in one USB mode can't be seen in the other. That's not a Cowon issue. It's the nature of MTP transfer. It's why you should pick one mode and make sure all files are transferred in that mode either by drag and drop or using software like Musicbee or Windows Media Player.

If you aren't sure it was all transferred in the same USB mode it's best to remove it all and start over. Unless you have DRM protected files I suggest using MSC mode. That way any software you might use in the future that can create properly formatted EXTM3U playlists can see the files on the player to make playlists for you.

I don't know what you mean by "Millkane's solution" but if you notice I pointed out several inaccuracies in what they posted. The methods they suggested were overly elaborate and I thought they were more likely to confuse than help someone trying to create playlists on their i9. If you're trying what they posted that may also be causing a problem.
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