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Default Vision M Vs Vision W

I'm really stuck about which player I should get. At first I was going to get a M but then I started looking at the W and that looks like it has advantages over the M. I've just saved up the 150 for a M and I don't know if the extra 60 will be worth it. Could someone please try and help. is the W worth the extra!?!?!
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It's worth it if you watch a lot of movies, especially widescreen.
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ZV:M - smaller, more accessories generally available

ZV:W - better for watching movies, comes w/ ~$30 charger and ~$20 A/V cable, Compact Flash card great for dumping off digital camera

I have ZV:W for travelling / serious video watching, and a smaller MP3 player (Rio Carbon -- can't talk my wife into trading her Zen V) for jogging and purely listening.

IMO, ZV:M screen is too small for watching video. If I am going to be watching video, I tolerate the larger size (e.g. throw in backpack instead of pocket) to get the advantage of the bigger screen...

The cost of the included accessories helps to offset the extra price...
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